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Students at LycéeYamwaya, Ouahigouya, Burkina Faso

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Some students of the 2nde level at Lycée Yamwaya at the beginning of a strike

Fall 1999


2nde 3 stusC.JPG (349880 bytes)


2A students-basic.JPG (200247 bytes) 2nde boys on ledge-basic.JPG (128292 bytes) 2nde girls fash sho2-basic.JPG (209058 bytes)



sarata & yac tshirts1-basic.JPG (148828 bytes)


<Sarata and Yacouba wear their "I Love Math" and "Do Math and you can do anything" t-shirts from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. They earned the shirts as prizes for their great grades during the 2000-2001 school year.

Spring 2001

Students play volleyball
(they're very good and they ended up winning the regional tournament)>

Fall 1999


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L'equipe 1D1-basic.JPG (164190 bytes)


Soccer players and fans (with Madame Seeley)

Spring 2001

C & specs a soccer-basic.JPG (165723 bytes)



5eme group.JPG (355067 bytes)


5eme students at Lycée Yamwaya



Cheick and Sayouba are at my computer>

Fall 1999


5eme w  Ami.JPG (323597 bytes)



5eme group2.JPG (388314 bytes)



cheick,sayouba@comp.JPG (353116 bytes)



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