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Cathy at home in Ouahigouya wearing a new tailor-made outfit after a 50-pound weight loss (Thanks to Geoffrey for the photo)

December 1999

Cathy at the Peace Corps swearing-in ceremony wearing an embroidered boubou (dress) and foulard (head-wrap).

September 1999


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These students (at the 2nde level--about Algebra II/Geometry) came by my house during their holiday break to work on a math problem they found in their recently acquired math books (they were issued donated books, 2 students to a book). Translated, the problem is: I am 3 times as old as you were when I was the age that you are now. When you are as old as I am now, the sum of our ages will be 140. How old am I? I would probably never assign a problem like this except as a puzzle, but it was great fun to work with them on it. My friend Marla was visiting from Texas, 
and she snapped this photo.



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Cathy speaks during a day-long activity conducted in the small village of Touya by a group of Cathy's students from the Lyceé Yamwaya in Ouahigouya. The students conducted a series of activities in nearby villages to raise consciousness in the  villages about the importance of supporting students in continuing their education past primary school (which requires them to send their students to Ouahigouya). These students took the initiative to conduct these activities when there was some down time from school because of strikes. Two of them are in the picture above on my porch, and others are in the photos of villages. A picture of Yacouba, the group's leader, is on the Student Photo page. These students are terrific !

(Yes, those are cellular telephones on Cathy's outfit.)



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Cathy with students on the porch at home, 
creating another unique fashion statement for at-home wear

Spring 2000



Cathy with host family, the Sanou family, during training at Bobo-Dioulasso

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Summer 1999



Cathy and Kristi in traditional
Mooré (Cathy) and Jula (Kristi) dresses with Fati, the mother in our host family.

The dresses were an incredible gift from the family Sanou, with the dresses specially made to correspond to traditional clothing of our respective sites of service in Burkina Faso.

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August 1999



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