Giraffes.wmf (9966 bytes) Here we are in Africa, land of wild animals...

...or so they say.

Actually, Burkina Faso is not known for wild animals. The eastern part of the huge African continent (countries such as Kenya and Uganda) is much better for finding exotic animals. But there are places in Burkina Faso where one can allegedly see elephants, crocodiles, monkeys or hippos. As for me, I had to wait two years to see 'wild' animals--about five elephants! I also saw a few small crocs, but too far away to photograph, and had a near miss on sighting hippos. Those will have to wait for my next trip to Burkina Faso. Meanwhile, check out the elephant pictures, as well as my other photos of Burkina "wildlife."



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The elephants I finally saw after two years of living, working and traveling in Burkina Faso were near the town of Boromo, about halfway between the capital city of Ouagadougou and the second-largest city, Bobo-Dioulasso. I had often heard you could see elephants there, but I had never been lucky enough on my previous trips between the two cities. This time, the bus driver started driving very slowly through the area (which was on the main road), and he finally stopped. The passengers couldn't figure out why until we noticed the elephants just a few feet off of the road ! Fortunately, I always have my camera ready. But the driver got nervous when one of the elephants started running toward the bus, so he drove away rather quickly. I don't really think the elephant would  have run into the bus, but I am not very experienced in elephant encounters.

September 2001



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Many lizards called "margouillats" run all over Burkina Faso. 
This is the underside of a margouillat on a screen in Ouagadougou.


Sankara enjoys eating margouillats, much to the chagrin of my Burkinabè friends. Sankara is black, except during the dusty season when he turns the color of the red-brown dust that blows everywhere.


sankara_a_la_chaise.JPG (165632 bytes)




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Camels lounge in the parking lot at the Peace Corps office in Ouagadougou

March 2000


Sheep come to school (Lycée Yamwaya)

January 2000


sheep_at_Yamwaya.JPG (85744 bytes)




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My next-door neighbor in Ouahigouya enjoys having his photo taken.

January 2000


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