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Peace Corps Volunteers...

This page includes pictures of Peace Corps volunteers serving in Burkina Faso from 1999-2001. Future volunteers can also get a glimpse of PCV life here or check out the page on what to take with you. Friends and family of volunteers might want to send a care package.

My fellow PCVs of 1999 can see their before and after pictures below


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kristen & baby.JPG (134542 bytes)

Kristen with her next-door neighbor baby

March 2000



bikes & bags & pcts.JPG (190657 bytes)


<Mel and Liz and the other new volunteers try to find their bikes and bags.

Summer 2001

Molly and Erika pause during their work with new trainee volunteers at Model School.>

Summer 2001


ec mod-molly & erika talk-basic.JPG (252776 bytes)


tammy__the_prince.JPG (205146 bytes)


<Tammy brings the prince of her village (Menè) to visit the house in Ouahigouya.

Spring 2000



Peace Corps Tourists!

Julie and Amy spent a couple of days shopping and relaxing in Ouahigouya (wearing their new hats).>

April 2000


PC tourists.JPG (251161 bytes)


maggie w pot on head.JPG (170596 bytes)


<Maggie demonstrates
how to do the
pot-on-head thing.

April 2000

Claudia and Noreen get ready to welcome new trainee volunteers.>

June 2001


pcvs-naureen & claudia.JPG (184309 bytes)




The Volunteers' Christmas Adventure

Renee with the new 'tissu' (fabric) she bought in Côte d’Ivoire.

Renee w tissu.JPG (460122 bytes)


Renee and a group of 13 other Burkina Faso Peace Corps volunteers decided to spend their Christmas holidays in Côte d’Ivoire. Their timing was a little unfortunate--their train crossed the border into Côte d’Ivoire a few hours before that country experienced a coup d'état, with the border closed and martial law imposed. They were planning on spending Christmas day in Abidjan before heading to the beach for a week. As it turned out, the coup was relatively peaceful, but they were forced to spend several days in the Abidjan Peace Corps house with a total of 40 volunteers from Burkina Faso and Côte d’Ivoire. They finally made it to the beach for a couple of days, and now they have a great adventure to talk about, but it was not the vacation they were expecting. Apparently, looking at Renee's purchase, when they eventually were allowed to leave the Peace Corps house for a few hours each day, they must have found time for shopping.

January 2000




Geoffrey's new look

Geoffrey wearing his new boubou when he still had hair. (Take a look at the Swear-In photo for when he really had hair.)>


December 1999




gb rdy for the road.JPG (416488 bytes)


<Geoffrey wears a slightly different look.


A little later in December 1999



The Class of 1999

newpcvs2.JPG (123622 bytes)


The class of 1999

<Before (September 1999)


After (May 2001)>


PCVCOS3.jpg (277157 bytes)

See also Monica in Bondukuy; Yiaway in Djigouera; Maggie in Séguénéga; Biker Renee; Emily, Julie and others at Thanksgiving; BJ at Christmas; several PCVs at the Domes; PCV houses; and PCVs in training...


All photos are copyright Cathy Seeley. All rights reserved. No photo may be reproduced without permission except for small group educational purposes or with permission of the volunteer(s) in the photograph. For other uses, please contact Cathy Seeley. 


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