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Volunteers' Houses in Burkina Faso

Not all Peace Corps volunteers in Burkina Faso have as comfortable a house as my house (with electricity, running water, etc.). But we all have a safe and healthy place to live with lots of character and our own set of challenges. Even at my house, the electricity and water are often shut off or not working. A few other education volunteers have electricity or plumbing, but most of them live without either. And essentially all the health volunteers live in small villages without electricity. At some point, we all have to deal with bathing from a bucket of water, using a latrine, and reading/working by candlelight or the light of a lantern.

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Here are pictures of some of the volunteers' homes in my region and in the area around Bobo-Dioulasso. You can try to locate these villages on a great online map.

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Maggie's (then Andy's) delightful terrace in Séguénéga
(near Ouahigouya)

Seg-Maggie's terrace.JPG (504171 bytes)

February 2000

kristen a house.JPG (284688 bytes)

Kristen's abode in Kalsaka  
(not far from Séguénéga) is provided by the local student parents' group.

kristen's salon.JPG (246140 bytes)

March 2000


Cindy's (then Liz's) place in Djibo--
Construction on the wall is almost done! 
(They say electricity is coming to Djibo, located northeast of Ouahigouya.)

cindys_house_under_construc.JPG (153866 bytes)

March 2000


suz_a_home_w_puck.JPG (183316 bytes)


Suzanne with Puck (and John) at her cozy mud-brick home in Kalsaka, the same site as Kristen, but a different situation since Suzanne was a health volunteer and Kristen was a teacher.

March 2000

Bruce planted some great purple flowers over a year before this picture in his Koumbri courtyard, just north of Ouahigouya. Bruce (and his successor, Chris) have two lights that run off a car battery.

bruces_entry.JPG (332115 bytes)

March 2000

wills_salon.JPG (97808 bytes)
    bball_a_Wills.JPG (203147 bytes)

Will and friends at his home in Thiou, north of Ouahigouya.  The world map in his salon was a trial run before undertaking a project for students to paint one at school.

wills_house_outside.JPG (150897 bytes)

March 2000


tammys_entry_w_folks.JPG (244763 bytes)

Tammy's new wall in Méné (a tiny village north of Ouahigouya) got a gate just after this photo with Bruce, John, and friends.

March 2000


Sure it looks small, but actually Anne's house is only a third of this duplex in Titao (near Ouahigouya).

annes_house.JPG (187623 bytes)

March 2000



Bond-Monica at door.JPG (376182 bytes)
   Bond-Monica in her garden.JPG (294783 bytes)

Monica manages to plant a garden where none have dared to try
(at her home in Bondukuy 
north of Bobo).

Summer 2001


 Dj-Y's house.JPG (318253 bytes)

Yiaway's house in Djigouera, near Orodaro in the Bobo region (the donkeys are visitors)

Summer 2001


All photos are copyright Cathy Seeley. All rights reserved. No photo may be reproduced without permission except for small group educational purposes or with permission of the volunteer(s) in the photograph. 
For other uses, please contact Cathy Seeley.

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