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Thanksgiving in Ouahigouya

Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to think about Peace Corps' second goal: to help people in another culture better understand Americans and our culture. For the two Thanksgivings I spent in Burkina Faso, we had bi-cultural Thanksgiving celebrations that are among my best memories.



Thanksgiving 1999

Thanksgiving 1999 was a celebration of American culture with a Burkinabč flavor. Ten Peace Corps volunteers from the Ouahigouya region of Burkina Faso joined fourteen of our Burkinabč friends at Cathy's house for a wonderful evening of food and fellowship in three languages (some of the volunteers practiced a little of their Mooré as well as their French, and some of the Burkinabč practiced their English).

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Tgiving table 2.JPG (326111 bytes)


Thanksgiving dinner

(Check out the menu!)

Tgiving table.JPG (393507 bytes)



Thanksgiving 2000

For Thanksgiving 2000 we decided to repeat and improve on the previous year. This time we actually had turkeys (two), instead of a sheep, and the Peace Corps Country Director, Nelson, joined us with his family and a visiting Washington guest. We had dinner in the afternoon, and a great time was had by PCVs, our Burkinabč friends, and our guests from Ouagadougou and beyond.


TG-That's a turkey!.JPG (106651 bytes)


<It's hard when you get to know your turkey(s) before Thanksgiving arrives. We found two turkeys (uncommon but not impossible to find), and then had to figure out how to prepare them without an oven.

Emily and Abdoulaye try to capture the big turkey when the time comes. Abdoulaye is wonderful at grilling chickens, so we called on him to expand his repertoire to turkeys.>


TG-Em & Abd chase turkey.JPG (228872 bytes)



TG-julie & jello 2.JPG (210330 bytes)


<Julie of Namissiguima brings in the jello (we did some of the cooking outside, since there was so much going on in Cathy's small kitchen).


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