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I.          About Burkina Faso

Student Activities

Peace Corps Office Staff in Ouagadougou

II.         Faces of Burkina Faso (These 3 pages are slow to load because of pictures)

More Faces of Burkina Faso

Even More Faces of Burkina Faso

III.         Towns and Cities of Burkina Faso

Ouagadougou (Capital of Burkina Faso)

Ouahigouya (Cathy's town)

More Ouahigouya



IV.        Villages and Rural Life of Burkina Faso




Project NEEED villages: Goutla, Gossoré, Bonsomnoré, Loubré

Student ADS villages: Goko and Touya

Other photos of Burkina Faso

V.         Art and Music


VI.        Animals

VII.       Gardening

VIII.      School Life (including general information about the education system)

Photos of students

Class photos

Photos of colleagues

IX.        Holidays

Thanksgiving 1999 and 2000

Christmas 1999

New Year’s Day 2000


Ramadan Panorama Picture (This page is somewhat slow to load)

X.         Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs)

PCV Houses

PCVs in Training

PCVs Swear In

Biker Renee

XI.        Cathy’s Life as a Peace Corps Volunteer

Cathy’s House

XII.        Cathy’s Technology in Burkina Faso

XIII.       Reflections in the Dust (Essays)

XIV.       Search

XV.        Site Map  

References (Miscellaneous information pages referenced elsewhere)

Thanksgiving Menu

Christmas Signs


Temperature Conversion


About Burkina Faso Faces of Burkina Faso Towns and Cities Villages and Rural Life Art and Music Animals Gardening School Life Holidays PC Volunteers Cathy's Life as a PCV Cathy's Technology Reflections in the Dust Search Site Map