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Séguénéga is a large village not far from Ouahigouya. You can locate it just to the east of Ouahigouya on an online map. They have a secondary school. They don't yet have electricity, but are slowly getting more developed, since they are on a fairly major (dirt) road. They have a couple of small cafes, which rely on gas-powered refrigerators and propane cooktops (that they have to refill in Ouahigouya). They also have a crocodile or two, and sometimes people look for gold near there (this is becoming increasingly common in Burkina Faso, but most people find very little actual gold). Peace Corps started their education program in about 1997, and there has been a volunteer teaching English in Séguénéga at least through 2002. You can also see a picture of the PCV house in Séguénéga.


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 The Lyceé at Séguénéga. Maggie, and then Andy, have taught English here. At the right Maggie stands with her principal at the library.

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People return from a day of panning for gold between Ouahigouya and Séguénéga. According to some folks, they occasionally find small amounts.

February 2000

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<A solar-powered pump helps irrigate fields near the barrage in Séguénéga.

The barrage in Séguénéga is a haven for water lilies and crocodiles (there's a little one hiding on the island in the middle of the picture).>

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<Women work on crops irrigated via the barrage in Séguénéga (onions, carrots, peanuts, green beans, cabbage, and more).





<Maggie's teaching colleagues (Maggie was the only woman on the faculty) connect a stereo to a car battery in preparation for a party. 

Right, their wives visit and make their preparations.>

Spring 2000



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