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Renee of Zogoré 

Renee usually bikes the 30 kilometers or so from her house in Zogoré to Ouahigouya (that's about 18 miles). It takes her anywhere from an hour and a half to two and a half hours, depending on the winds (harmattan or just really windy) and other unexpected events.

Here are some photos of one of Renee's trips as she got ready to go back to Zogoré after the Christmas holidays, loaded down as usual with all the necessities from the big city of Ouahigouya...


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reneebike1.JPG (370799 bytes)


reneebike2.JPG (345111 bytes)


Things were looking pretty good at this point...

reneebike3.JPG (305669 bytes)

reneebike4.JPG (184184 bytes)

Oops!  The bike was a little lopsided and top-heavy.

But finally she rode off into the sunset, and made it to Zogoré without any mishaps, wearing the backpack instead of 
packing it.

January 2000


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