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New volunteers!

Peace Corps trainee/volunteers from the class of 1999 and the class of 2001 swear in as new volunteers after three months of training (I didn't go to the ceremony for the class of 2000, so unfortunately there are no pictures of that event.)


Ambassador Jimmy Kolker gives words of encouragement and leads the 2001 group of 
Peace Corps Burkina Faso volunteers in an oath.


The Class of 2001

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pcvs 9-tom,rosa,carrie,taja,lizf.JPG (244177 bytes)


<Looking great for the big day 
(Tom, Rosa, Carrie, Tajanay, Liz)

September 2001

Three fine guys in boubous
(Josh, Dennis, Andy)>

September 2001


pcvs 8-josh,dennis,andy.JPG (205276 bytes)



pcvs 1-kris,andy,elin,carrie,chris.JPG (190759 bytes)


<Ready for the grand adventure
(Kris, Andy, Elin, Carrie, Chris)

September 2001



The Class of 1999


newpcvs2.JPG (123622 bytes)

The class of 1999 after taking their oath of office
(Click here for the picture of this group at their Close-Of-Service conference in May 2001)

September 1999




Cathy and Ingrid at the swear-in ceremony
(2 tall women in boubous !)>

September 1999


cls,ingrid sw in.JPG (295922 bytes)

m,s profs sw in.JPG (490888 bytes)


<1999 Math/Science group at the
swear-in ceremony

Front: Christine, Amy, Cindy, Anya, Mary

Back: Cathy, BJ, Brian, Dave, Geoffrey, Jim

September 1999



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For other uses, please contact Cathy Seeley.

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