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Life in Ouahigouya, Burkina Faso

Ouahigouya is the town where I lived, in the northern part of the country, with a population of about 65,000, as of the year 2000. Ouahigouya is the fourth-largest town in the country (after Ouaga, Bobo, and Koudougou). It is located north of Ouagadougou, on the road to Mali and Timbuktu (you can locate it on a great online map). Many houses in Ouahigouya have electricity and many have a faucet in their yard. A few have indoor plumbing. One paved road goes through town (no traffic signals yet). The primary ethnic group in Ouahigouya is the Mossi, who speak Mooré.



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The Ouahigouya vegetable market (above and below). 
Thanks to Patrice of Canada for the above photograph

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kids out a church-basic.JPG (192280 bytes)


Some Ouahigouya children play outside of church after a wedding (they're standing in the baptism tank).



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Women working at the Maison de la Femme in Ouahigouya 
(a women's cooperative).
They are painting a tablecloth with local dyes.

A lovely mother and baby take the bus from Ouahigouya to Ouagadougou.

(This is a really nice bus, unlike more rugged transport in many other parts of the country.)

The Cine Palace is one of two theaters in Ouahigouya. Behind the front is an outdoor space with seats. Films may come from any country and are usually dubbed in French, except for the very popular Indian or martial arts films.


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