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This street runs behind my house and is one of the busiest streets in Ouahigouya. On any given day you can see bicycles, animals, people pushing carts, tons of pedestrians and an occasional car or truck (which always creates a cloud of dust). This picture was taken from inside a nearby "buvette"--a small place to get a cold drink (for me it was usually a half-liter of Coke or Fanta, but you could also get a local beer). This particular buvette was part of a complex where the military live and train, and it had a great refrigerator (actually a freezer) to give the coldest drinks in town. In small villages without electricity, drinks are kept cool in canaris or in gas-powered refrigerators.


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OHG water lineup.JPG (384199 bytes)


<Water boys line up at one of the town's pumps during the dry season. 

It is a common site to see women carrying large and heavy things on their heads. These women are carrying canaris to market. (Every family has at least one canari to keep water cool.)>


OHG canari women.JPG (135654 bytes)



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<Water lilies appear during the rainy season !

At a barrage (reservoir) near Ouahigouya, some boys slide down the concrete on pieces of plastic and paper (just like on snow or on grass
in the US).>


barr & boys sliding.JPG (542377 bytes)



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