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Our 1999 Thanksgiving fete in Ouahigouya was a wonderful intercultural experience. Thanks to many of our friends, both here and in the U.S., we were able to enjoy some American, or nearly-American, dishes. My Italian friend, Francesco, who works with a development project here in Ouahigouya, brought us 7 kilograms of potatoes from Ouagadougou. A friend in the U.S. sent me a can of french-fried onions (although in 2000 the volunteers made them themselves for our celebration), and combined with a package of instant cream of mushroom soup from the big store in Ouaga and some wonderful fresh green beans from the local market, we made a good old American green-bean casserole. And the Burkina Faso Peace Corps culture contributed a recipe we love around here--a "key lime pie" (click for recipe).

Since I had my computer with me, along with a tiny portable printer, we made little dinner cards as souvenirs for both the Burkinabé and the Americans who came. The text and art follow.

Welcome to Our Thanksgiving Dinner


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Bienvenue à Nôtre Diner de Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is an American holiday that celebrates the joining of cultures in early North America. Traditionally, turkey is served, along with such dishes as stuffing, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. Thanksgiving is a holiday of friendship and a time of giving thanks. In Ouahigouya this year we are thankful for our well-being and our many new friends.

Thanksgiving est une fête Américaine pour célébrer la mélange des cultures en Amérique du Nord. Traditionellement, on offre le dindon, "stuffing," purée de pommes de terres, et les légumes. Thanksgiving est une fête de l’amitié et une occasion pour donner les remerciements pour les cadeaux de nos vies. A Ouahigouya cette année, nous apprécions nôtre bonne santé et nos nouveaux amis.


Mouton Burkinabé (that's sheep, not turkey) avec couscous

Stuffing (Américain)

Mashed Potatoes—Purée de Pomme de Terre

Green bean casserole (Américain)—Haricots Verts

Salade Americaine with Honey Mustard Dressing

Pain et petits pains

Gravy (Sauce)


Beverages (Boissons)

Lemonade, Papaya Milk, Water



Key lime pie Americain (tarte au citrons) 

Pastecs (Watermelon)


Cornuco4.wmf (48342 bytes)




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