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A visit to Gorom-Gorom in northeast Burkina Faso 

Gorom-Gorom is not really a town, but rather a fascinating village with a culture very different from other parts of Burkina Faso. It is close to the Sahara desert, the northernmost part of an area called the Sahel. There is lots of sand, many camels, and people whose clothes, jewelry, arts and culture are unique. Ethnic groups include the Peul and the Tuareg. Gorom is well-known for its busy and colorful Thursday market, and it even attracts a few tourists.


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The colors of the amazing Gorom market are everywhere you look.
Most of the Tuareg men wear turbans 
and the women braid silver coins and other trinkets into their hair.



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Camels at the camel market in Gorom-Gorom


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Cathy and Marla in a bush taxi from Dori to Gorom-Gorom. We ended up with 18 people on the bottom and 7 on the top, plus several more pieces of cargo. That's a dust mask hanging around my neck.

The most memorable sight of the trip (sorry there wasn't a photo) was a Tuareg cowboy-- wrapped in a turban, riding a camel, carrying a sword, wearing bright blue flowing robes, and herding cattle,
but not like in Texas.

December 1999


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Passengers wait for the bus to go back to Dori from Gorom. Notice the kids playing foosball.

December 1999


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