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Some of my classes at the Lycée Yamwaya (For an explanation of the sequence of classes, go back to the School page):

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classe-2C2-a.JPG (388310 bytes)

One of my two classes of "Seconde" students. These students are in the second cycle of secondary school, having already passed their BEPC exam, and they will have two more years of education after this year before they have to tackle the challenging "BAC" test (Baccalaureate).  They have chosen the mathematics/science track, and they range in age from about 17 to about 21.  There are 70 students in this class (only 8 girls), which is a smaller class size than in many of the surrounding villages, although the villages do not have second-cycle schools. At this school, only two students have to sit at each table. Several students were absent this day because of confusion over whether there would be a strike.

Spring 2000


1A w Konate.JPG (152286 bytes)


<The 1o-A ("Première") class moves to one side of the room to fit in the picture with Mr. KONATE, their German teacher. This class has chosen the general literary/humanities track, rather than the mathematics and science track. (The première is the year after the seconde.)

Spring 2001

Part of one of the two 1o-D classes, the mathematics and science track
(I couldn't fit them all in the picture)>

Spring 2001


1D1 left light-basic.JPG (238775 bytes)



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