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At Home in Ouahigouya, Burkina Faso

Official Peace Corps literature says that each Peace Corps experience is unique. They mention that some volunteers live in remote areas with few or no amenities, while others may live in high-rise air-conditioned apartments in the middle of a city. 

I lived in a moderate-sized town (Ouahigouya) with electricity, indoor water and telephone, although the electricity and water often got turned off during the hot season. I wasn't the only Burkina Faso volunteer with these comforts, but most of my fellow volunteers in the region lived in more spare circumstances in small remote villages. My house served as a stopover for these volunteers when they came to the big town for mail and necessities.

To see how some of the other volunteers have fixed up their own houses, see the PCV Houses page.



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<My house


The salon/dining room>

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<My front porch
(often there are visitors there, either students, colleagues or friends) 

The kitchen (including small frigo and gas cooktop)>

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The Burkina sun sets on Cathy's street in Ouahigouya>


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