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Located about an hour north of Bobo-Dioulasso, (you can find it on a great online map), Bondukuy is a small village with a CEG (a school at about the level of upper elementary or middle school). As of 2002, Peace Corps has an education volunteer there teaching mathematics.

During the summer training session of 2001, a group of new volunteer trainees and their facilitators and staff spent a day visiting Monica and her village. The trainees got a great sense of what village life is like and how a volunteer can become part of her community. You can also see a picture of Monica's house.


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<Monica takes her visitors to see her school. That's the school bell below.

Bond-school bell.JPG (436260 bytes)



Some teachers pass the time playing cards and drinking tea when school's not in session.>


Bond-card game.JPG (407648 bytes)




<Some folks in town (with a rare tractor).

Summer 2001


Everyone gets into the dancing, including three happy mommas, some very talented local dancers, and, oh yes, new volunteers Melissa and Liz.

Summer 2001

Bond-dancers flip1.JPG (410503 bytes)


Bond-Police Oued.JPG (231598 bytes)


Bond-peanut lady-basic.JPG (193093 bytes)


Bond-water boy-adj.jpg (156110 bytes) Bond-sign guy.JPG (360838 bytes)

Some of the terrific people of Bondukuy
(police chief, peanut vendor, water boy, sign maker)

Summer 2001


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